Martin's daily cycling and discovery of cargo bikes

Martin was recently interviewed about his daily cycling habits, cargo bikes testing and why I stopped driving a car to work?
  • I have been commuting with bicycle last 5 years all around the year, in rain and snow. I use a regular city bike what you see on the picture above.
  • Last autumn I discovered cargo-bikes. I started testing and comparing different models and I bought my 1st cargo bike this spring.
  • Read my full cycling story from Bolt blog >
My activities to introduce cargo-bikes in Tallinn:
  • I also created a comparison spreadsheet of 2 and 3 wheel cargo bikes >
  • We also found over 10 companies in Tallinn, who purchased cargo bikes and started giving them to their employees for 2-3 day test rides. The feedback has been great so far!
  • And we organized 2 cargo bike meetups, where people could test various bike models from the sellers and share experiences with other cargo bike users.
Martin invested to Praktikal - an EdTech making learning physics more engaging