Besides mentoring young founders, Martin is also early stage investor looking for a clear hypothesis for a product - clear customer pain and a solution to solve that pain. A strong founding team should have a working prototype in platforms/mobile space. Investment tickets usually €10-30K.


  • GuestJoy (EE) - platform for hoteliers for guest-facing comms, feedback & up-sell
  • Printify (LV) - create and sell custom products, drop-ship delivery
  • Planet42 (EE/SA) - rent-to-buy used cars platform in South Africa and emerging markets
  • Lift99 (EE/UA)- co-growing spaces in Tallinn & Kyiv
    • - hand-picked CEE founders network for networking & mentoring - sign-up or refer to the best founders in your country (sub-project by Lift99)
  • Math99 (EE) - The easiest most fun way to practice math in a classroom! Instantly engaging and perfect for all-class activities. Play against Martin in 30 second challenge! 
    Please play with your family and refer to your school or teacher. Math can be fun!
  • ProcurementFlow (EE) - cloud-based software for keeping communication and procurement process in flow. Please refer to friend working in procurement, thanks :)
  • MySpotit (EE) - most efficient meetings in offsite locations around your office
  • Rendin (EE) - solve deposit & trust challenges in apartment rentals between person/landlord
  • Upsteam (EE) - platform for on-demand car washing at your home or office
  • Outfunnel (EE) - simple & connected sales+marketing tool for small businesses
  • FoodDocs (EE) - helps to create & maintain food safety management systems for restaurants, cafeterias, hospitals, hotels etc.
  • eAgronom (EE) - enable effective and sustainable farming by AI and smart technologies
  • Remato (EE) - seamless software for construction companies: crew, assets, projects
  • Woola (EE) - environment friendly waste wool to replace plastic bubble wrap
  • Renegade Tea (GE) - Estonian founders building new-generation tea plantation in Georgia
  • Caremate / Elunow (EE/UK) - in-home care platform in Estonia and London, UK
  • Levila (EE) - Estonian media company for longer and in-depth content in various formats
  • Fermi (EE) - project operator of next generation small modular nuclear reactors in Estonia